Lecture Prof. dr. Pascal Gielen

Dancing on the border

dinsdag 08 maart 2016

An artistic career in repressive liberal times
In this lecture sociologist Pascal Gielen unfolds which strategies artists and other cultural producers develop to create their work in contemporary economic and political conditions. How can they develop sustainable structures to keep their artistic autonomy alive? How can artists organize themselves in a world in which they need to be more and more mobile and flexible? Are there interesting and challenging practices as possible complements to our existing, neoliberal working situations? While repressive liberalism is occupying our world and daily life systems, classic arts institutions such as theatres and museums are under heavy pressure. Many of us end up in a post-Fordist condition in which work becomes flexible, mobile, project based, and temporary. The fixed contract is losing its importance and exchanged for the statute of the freelancer, promoted by governments and multinationals as the best thing to get. Artists are already for a long time familiar with these precarious conditions of labour, even long before the concept of post-Fordism was launched. But at this moment they have to deal themselves with those new precarious conditions. How can they construct a sustainable career in this new social and political context?

Profile Pascal Gielen
Pascal Gielen is full professor of sociology of art and politics at the Research Center Arts in Society (Groningen University - the Netherlands) and at the Antwerp Research Institute for the Arts (Antwerp University - Belgium). He is editor in-chief of the international book series ‘Arts in Society’. His research focuses on the institutional context of the arts and on cultural politics. Gielen has published many books which are translated in English, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish. 

Lecture in English.


di 08 mrt, 2016
Theaters Tilburg, Audaxzaal
Van 10:00 tot 12:30
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